heat pump and hydro

Alice and Joe


woodburners in the warehouse,

hydro at All for Less, wood is a secondary source of heat at home

tech: installing and testing heat pumps in the store. Ultra-Inverter Technology, heating and cooling

burn: no burn, extractor fan, remote thermostat, ductless

area: 5000 square feet in the store

tip: the cost of hydro is skyrocketing and we haven’t experienced real cold. Use blankets, house coats and slippers. Compare month to month bills and do the math. Wood’s not cheap either when you consider buying and splitting, storage and so on.

quote: “If you’re going to marry this girl you’ll always come home to a warm house!”

Hydro bills, yikes – these are the authors words…
Trying out the new tech, comparing costs and savings, possibly retailing them!

Stop in on these people at All for Less in Telkwa.

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