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Wood Stove Exchange On Again!


The Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society wants you to be warm, healthy and efficient heating your home this year and in the future. This means making an informed choice for heat, seasoning your wood, installing, maintaining and repairing your home heating appliances.

We have rebates and resources to:

  • move from an uncertified wood burning appliance to a qualified appliance
  • move from an eligible stove, fireplace, boiler or furnace to a qualified appliance
  • build a woodshed, provide tips on seasoning, storage and usage
  • repair and maintain a qualified heating appliance
  • assess a home and investigate and install a qualified heating option, we take referrals and we’ll help you thru it!
  • build a cheap home air filter
  • install, use or understand air quality monitors and readings

Conditions apply:
Qualifications are stated on the chart below.
Appliances that can be changed out do not meet the EPA 2020 standard.
Cash back refund amounts vary.
Refund program lasts while funding permits.
Old appliances are recycled or decommissioned and proof is provided. New appliances are EPA certified wood appliances or otherwise meeting the standard. New appliances are installed using WETT principles and proof is provided.
Only 1 rebate per household.

Contact us: coordinator@cleanairplan.ca, cleanairplan.ca/blog, cleanairplan.ca
For a program near you:

Wood Stove Exchange: Did you know…

  • the Building Permit Fee is waived in Smithers, value $35
  • building inspections are no longer necessary if the stove is WETT inspected
  • the BVCU still has zero interest loans for purchasing EPA certified appliances
  • there are no landfill or recycling depot fees at any location
  • the BVLDAMS is a non profit society, responsible for implementing the Clean Air Plan of 2012 signed by Bulkley Valley and Lakes District stakeholders in clean air. Membership is free!
Home Heating OptionsGoing from this option: Do I Qualify for an AMS Rebate?Moving to this option: Do I Quality for an AMS Rebate?rebate valuestandard to meet
electric boilerNY$500.00CSA B415.1-10, 95.4% AFU
geothermal systemNY$500.00
heat exchangerNY$500.00CSA C656-14 (M92), Energy Star, Enerchoice

solid fuel – pellet stoveYY$500.00“Canadian standard” means “CSA B415.1-10, EPA 2021
solid fuel – wood stoveYY$250.00“US standard”, EPA 2020
solid fuel fireplace insertYY$250 or $500EPA 2020, Enerchoice
solid fuel or pellet boilerYY$250.00Combustion efficiency must be ≥ 80%,CSA B415.1-10, 95.4% AFU, or EPA 2020
solid fuel wood or pellet furnaceYY$800.00CSA B415,    EPA 2020 

Here’s the Rebate To Do List:


contact us to get the form: coordinator@cleanairplan.caThe coordinator will determine your rebate qualifications, email or notify you.

Resident pays retail price for stove, installation, shipping etc.**Ask about manufacturer or retailer discount at the point of sale.

Resident arranges disposal of old stove to dealer or recycler for decommissioning.Dealer may be able to arrange this for you. These stoves are not to be resold!

Resident installs new appliance then gets signatures and details on form.Snap a few pics before and after, send them along with your form.

Email form coordinator@cleanairplan.ca.

Hold ON!We will email you to confirm receipt but processing may take some time.

Cash your ChequeWe will mail you the rebate amount.


Click here to download the necessary form! We only require the one page and some pictures back from you. Thank-you!

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