Time to clean that Chimney


OUR draw was slow, it was hard to get the fire started, there was a slight acrid smell in the house, the fire was NOT burning as bright and lively as usual. We had to clean the chimney this weekend. So did my neighbour. In our case we take the pipe apart in the house and take it outside to brush. A rather large piece of creosote came off the interior sidewall and had been blocking the pipe. Glad we did it. A little newspaper dipped in ash and a scrub to the window. The fire works as good as new.

With temperatures changing so radically keep in mind the dangers of creosote in the chimney. Slow, dampened fires can clog your chimney. A capful of this product every couple days keeps that creosote down. I recommend it based on my personal use.

Image from these guys: https://www.smartburn.com.au/viewStory/chimney-flue-cleaning-hamilton-hill-wa

Not only do chimney fires pose risk to chimney fires and house damage – it’s bad for your health! Check out these links for more;

burn it smart



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