2024 BVLD Airshed Rebate Values


Now 6 rebate types! New Cash back values range from $300 to $3000.00 as of today! CLick here for the details.

  1. Wood Burning Appliances: For removal of wood burning appliances that are non EPA certified or Not EPA current.
    Check out the link above for whether you qualify.

The old unit must be recycled or decommissioned, some rules apply.
The new unit must meet current EPA standards and be installed.

2. Heat Pump Rebate: For Buildings that have a current EPA certified wood burning appliance and are adding a Heat Pump:
Installing a new electric heat pump as a primary heating source means you can keep an existing EPA or CSA-certified wood stove to use as backup heating under certain conditions.
The value of this rebate is $2000 in the BVLD, $3000 on Reserves.

3. Boiler Replacement:
If you are replacing an existing outdoor wood or pellet boiler with a more efficient version you can qualify for a rebate of $750.00.
There is no rebate to purchase or install a boiler if you don’t already have one.

4. Added incentives:
Our incentives can be used in conjunction with other incentives or rebates.
Other remodeling possibilities:..adding geothermal to your options; qualify for $500, putting an insert into an open hearth – solid fuel $300, electric $500.

5. Wood Shed Fund:
$250 cashback per residence, after the renovation.
Please provide a before and after picture.
Please allow us to use pictures on social media or elsewhere.
Provide us with an invoice for firewood, materials, time and/or equipment.

6. Refer Your Neighbour
Does your neighbour need help with their home and heating?
Could your auntie use a new woodshed?
Does someone you know badly need seasoned wood?
Tell us about it, we can help.

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