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Search for the new Stove


My friend was on the hunt for a new wood stove. She did a whole lot research and there is a new stove in her living room – not yet hooked up. Here is what we discussed and learned along the way. Please correct me if I am wrong or you know better!

This story is about the operation of a catalytic wood burning appliance.

The backstory:

She has a Blaze King Princess that is nearly 25years old and has decided that it’s not functioning as well as it could be. The chimney pipe into the stove was never sealed when this stove was installed, there are open slits around the door and this negatively affects the operation of the catalytic converter. Which is also also broken and cracked. The bracket that attaches the converter to the stove top is also broken. The inside chamber looks quite rough like it’s been over fired. She’s had ‘an opinion’ from dealers that the stove parts cann’t be replaced and it’s best to go for new. The stove pedestal is fine but unfortunately you cannot buy a new stove separate from the pedestal or legs.

This stove had a huge discrepancy in temperature between the chimney to catalytic temps. Could it be the chimney pipe was really loosing that much heat?

Important Operational Tips – that affect the longevity of the cataytic converter:

  • the use of the bypass is important before opening the door to load the stove
  • temperature fluctuations are not good for the converter

-a broken or damaged converter can lead to higher emmisision values and shorter burn rates

  • any new EPA stove requires at least 20 – 30 mins of a quick lively burn in order to keep the CONVERTER operating at the best temps. This means before you go to bed or leave the house – you have got to get the stove to temperature – at least 500 and holding – before you shut down the draft.

For more catalytic tips check this out:

Consider this:

Her stove has an air intake pipe that runs out doors into the Princess. This chills the floor somewhat.

She wants to keep the installation simple and use the same chimney and pipe.
She likes a longer burn rate but also low emissions.
Emissions are coming out trumps over burn rate.
According to Blaze King’s dealer look up, in a 200 mile radius of Smithers – only Burns had the Princess in stock.
The King model is ranked for her square footage but a little large for the spot in the room.
The King is rated at 5700 BTU’s but it’s just too hard to control smoke when you open the door, (according to bloggers). For the 5100 BTU’s of the Princess the gain you get with a .4 g/hour emission rate is well worth it! (according to my friend)
Catalytic converters – for this stove are rated to last roughly 5 years, they are about $400 to replace.
My friend uses Birch. Birch is known for hot fires. Emission rates are calculated for other hardwoods and the way it’s stacked in the box also affects the rate estimation. Expecting an exact match in emissions is too much – different woods, different cuts and stacking and different operations of the stove all affect the outcomes.


Starland: They have 2 Princesses left now but lots of Kings and other models. These guys also have pellets by the pallet, 3 types to choose from. Ask for Dolores – she was helpful!

Looks like this is also in the home – located in the same room as the Princess. Good idea eh!

Finally the cash out (roughly):

$4600 out of pocket – plus gas to Burns

$250 off at the register

$500 rebate thru the wood stove exchange program, **when the old stove is decommissioned or recycled and I get the form.

Thank-you my friend, for your research and effort to reduce particulate emissions.

Thank-you for sharing!

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