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Efficient Building, Business and Reno Incentives


Spoke to the Town of Smithers, Climate Action Specialist, Jaima Timler recently. She provides links to rebate programs on the Town of Smithers Climate Action Site. Find Incentives for Energy Efficient Buildings and Business at this link.

The BVLD AMS rebates are available to Smithers’ residents in addition to many of these Incentives. Contact us to learn more. 250 847-0678. Or click

Notes for the Town of Smithers:

A bylaws says you must upgrade non current EPA and/or inefficient wood stoves at the time of a house sale.

Bylaws exist that prevent operating wood stoves on bad air days.

Bylaws limit what is possible to burn in the backyard. So do Provincial regulations.

The BV Credit Union has 0 interest loans for purchasing updated wood burning appliances.

There are no tipping or landfill fees to have wood burning appliances disposed of or recycled at the Town of Smithers works yard or RDBN landfill sites.

Building permit fees are waived for wood burning appliance upgrades or improvements.

A Home Inspection is not needed when a wood burning appliance is WETT inspected.

There are subscription services for air quality and smoky skies alerts.

There is an extensive network of air quality sensors that provide temperature and smoke density readings all over town.

For more info on the Town of Smithers or community notes check this out.

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