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Recently the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society received funding to perform outreach in the communities of Witset,  Smithers and Telkwa. We are conducting interviews with people and recording them. Conversations revolve around:

  • what heat sources do you have in your home?
  • how do they work for ya?
  • what are challenges you have with them?
  • what heating options did you have growing up or in Gramma’s house?
  • what learning could you share with the world, concerning home heating or related topics?
  • do you or your family have health issues?
  • do you consider air quality affecting your health?
  • do you realize what makes air quality (AQ) worse?
  • do you know how AQ is monitored in your community?
  • do you take precautions in your home or in your day on days of poor air quality?
  • what can you share with us about this?
  • and so on…

Now that we’re building up a bit of a library of these interviews we want to disseminate wisdom and share it. This is one way. The stuff shared here is in a raw form and so limited editing or proofing. We invite comments or contact if you want to know more.

We want to thank Wet’zink’wa Community Forest Association for their grant to begin this project. The Northern Health Association has also funded this project through their IMAGINE grant program. Thank-you both groups.

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