The Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society currently has several projects underway:

WoodStoveRebates – get anywhere from $250 to $1900 in the form of cash back when you recycle a non certified wood burning appliance. There are conditions and not everyone qualifies for the maximum amount. Click the txt for more info. This is first come, first serve while the money lasts!

Air Quality Advisory notices – sign up for a free subsciption service for when advisories are issued.

Purple Air Monitoring – kits are available in the Smithers, Houston and Hazleton libraries. In addition the society has been receiving donations to buy and install these monitors in several communities in our airshed. Thanks to the donors and volunteers – you know who you are.

MicroEmissions Inventory – an accounting of all sources of air pollution within a defined geographic area. Emission data from the inventory is used to provide information regarding the percentage of total emissions in an airshed coming from each source. Additionally, the emissions data can be used in further impact assessment work such as dispersion modeling to estimate the contribution of those emissions to ambient air quality. We fundraise and perform tasks related to release of a more current MEI now!

Quarterly meetings – our society is providing and planning consensus based solutions to air pollution problems. Residential wood heat is only one source of emissions. Our directors and members are diverse individuals, some also are health professionals, scientistis, foresters, industrialists, regulators, councillors and so on. Come find to more about smoke management planning.

E: coordinator@cleanairplan.ca

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