Propane versus Natural Gas


The debate about clean or green heat options rages on. The BVLD AMS wants to move you from a fossil fuel to a renewable energy. While we finalize our rebate offering for the 2021 season we discuss these issues and more. Here are some links….

I learned that propane is one of the fuels that make up natural gas but on it’s own it’s slightly less toxic to water and soil in a spill. Also I learned that… 

One cubic foot of propane equals 2,516 BTUs, while one cubic foot of natural gas equals 1,030 BTUs. That means, propane is more than twice the energy of natural gas

While the cost per gallon is less for natural gas, you’ll use more of it to heat the same appliances. If you get two times the heat from propane, naturally, you’ll use less fuel. http://cdn.p-n.io

Human Impacts and Climate

Health and Climate

For quantifying greenhouse gas emissions

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