Tis the season to season your wood!

A reminder from Hans, JG (Hans) Duerichen PEng

As you know, we manufactured wood stoves and furnaces in Smithers for 20 years. During that time we built 50,000 units.During that time and since then, I have had lots of opportunities to experiment. I learned that you can make any stove burn dirty, no matter what kind of clean burn label is on it. It’s the fuel! It’s not so much the kind of wood, but it’s moisture content. When I came back to Smithers, we built a new log home and installed an RSF HF 85 heater. Our sole source of heat. What I’m going to say now, you may not believe me. After 11 years, we have yet to clean the chimney. We check it with a mirror often. Why would you want to brush a clean chimney? We split all our firewood and season it for TWO years under a roof. The magic number is under 16% moisture in the firewood. Nowadays that is easy to check with a moisture meter. That number is important. Even 17% moisture is too high. You are welcome to come and visit and see. A good part of the burn cycle you wouldn’t see any smoke from the chimney.
I suggest you look into a workable program to ensure people’s wood is dry enough. It takes some planning ahead. It’s way more important that any extra funds go for a good and large enough woodshed rather than a new stove. Also one piece of advice. Every couple of years the stove door should get a new rope seal. Stove doors should  be completely airtight.
Thanks again for your efforts,

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