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Lk Kathlyn


Beautiful day, good venting, sunny, sort of warm, no air quality advisory. Check out Trevor’s Jotel F45, it’s like mine!

stove: Jotel F45 Greenville

log: 18 inches

tech: baffle and combustion

area: 1300 square feet with plans to enlarge to 2020 square feet

Thanks for sharing Trevor – this is neat! We agree that operating EPA certified stoves means smaller fires and more refilling. trevor noticed this right away and went looking for a way to split more and faster! Here it is – a tooth from a front end loader. You can use any wedge, just put the log on the wedge and take the hatchet to it! This definitely speeds up the job.

Trevor also harvests Aspen from his property. The trick here is log it in winter, let it season, buck it in spring again let it season, put it in the shed and cover it for fall! Dry Aspen works as good as pine!

Differences between his and mine – he thinks the draw is great, when he shuts down the stove its low and almost no draw. Mine doesn’t get so low but maybe because my chimney is about 6 – 8 ft taller and has a larger pipe size where it exists the roof. (increasing draw) We also had a scree loose in the door which we repeatedly tighten, otherwise this also affects draw. He has a side panel that expands in the heat and has a small give. Otherwise he loves the stove and recommends it!

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