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Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program


Limited funding available!

We have cash rebates and other resources to help you:
– to move from an uncertified wood burning appliance to a qualified appliance
– to move from an old EPA certification to a 2021 EPA certification
– to upgrade or install unique, cleaner, more efficient eligible forms of heat
– to build a woodshed
– to find, harvest, season and store your wood
– to be aware of poor air quality alerts, venting indexes or bylaw or burning notices
– to build a cheap home air filter
– to buy, install, use or understand air quality sensors and readings
– to understand the health effects of poor air quality or your personal exposure

Full Program Details are found here

Contact us before you begin: This is a recycling program so in order to qualify for some rebates above you need to recycle or decommission your uncertified or non current wood burning appliance.


Application Form – click here


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