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Smithers AQHI

Smithers Real Time AQHI

Mixed messages?

The graphic above is a live link to the SMithers Air Quality Health Index. Smithers AQHI at this moment July 13,23 2:30pm is low, yet we also have a Smoky Skies Bulletin – attached and UNBC readings of high values on all the local air sensors. The AQHI is not based on PM2.5 alone but if you want direction on how to react to the smoke levels you cannot rely on the AQHI.

The Province suggests where to go for more health messaging as do I.


I did also note that you can get AQHI alert notices to your device with some weather app. You can customize these as well – so if you have an at risk person you can get alerts when they reach the risk level of 3 versus 7 – when they are usually issued. Just FYI – it might work for other regions but isn’t all that useful here in SMithers.

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