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New Rebate Values For Reserve Lands


This values have increased – check out this entry: REBATES for current amounts.

The Provincial government has announced that if you:

Live on a reservation within the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed

AND you…

Are taking out an old wood stove, propane stove, barrel stove or some other kind of non current EPA wood burning appliance

AND you…

  1. recycle your appliance (by taking off the door and slamming the flue collar)
  2. deliver it to a recycler or landfill *some exemptions apply
  3. install an EPA wood burning appliance or something else from the list below
  4. send in a completed voucher and a few pic’s

You get CASH BACK! From $300 – $1500 depending on what your new heater is going to be.

Contact us:

A list of appliances and the value of rebate you get.

Don’t forget – this is a recycling program.


If your housing department is making arrangements for renovations, then have them contact us.

We can provide a rebate for multiple homes or buildings and make the cheques payable to either the Band or to you.

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