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Current 2022 Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Values


The value of rebates vary across the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed.

If you are remote and really could benefit from the program – call us anyway!

This is a recycling program, old appliances must be decommissioned and/or recycled – EXCEPT in the case of heat pumps! You can keep your wood stove and still get a rebate for a heat pump installation. See conditions near the bottom, below.

the rebate values of new appliances installed…

Don’t see what you are installing? Many of you are coming up with innovative heating solutions that are proven efficient and clean burning. Tell us about it, maybe we can help with the cost!

The replacement of these appliances do qualify for a rebate:

solid fuel (pellet) boiler
solid fuel (wood) boiler
solid fuel (pellet) stove
solid fuel (wood) stove
solid fuel fireplace insert
solid fuel wood or pellet furnace
free-standing “stove”, “homemade” or ‘barrel’
oil furnace
open masonry fireplace
piped-propane furnace, stove 
tube type heat exchanger with a face plate and door (usually installed in an open fireplace)

The replacement of these appliances do not qualify for a rebate:

heat exchanger
electric boiler
geothermal system
electric insert
gas insert
natural gas furnace, boiler
vented gas fireplace heaters

Some Conditions apply:

  • Old appliances must be non current EPA certified.
  • Old units must be recycled and/or decommissioned.
  • Standards vary but new units must be certified EPA 2021, ask for details.
  • Rebate values depend on appliance types and residential location.
  • Refund program lasts while funding permits.
  • Installations must use WETT principles and follow Provincial or municipal regulations.
  • The Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Form is completed, returned and pics are provided.
  • Only 1 rebate per household.
  • Residence must be within the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed.

Contact us: coordinator@cleanairplan.ca, cleanairplan.ca/blog, cleanairplan.ca
For a program near you:

Download the voucher to get your rebate!


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