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Wood Stove Exchange Program


New Rebates!

We have a full range of rebates available to cover some costs with home heat this winter.

The value of some of these rebates are changing. Just ask.

This is a recycling program, old non current EPA appliances must be recycled or decomissioned.

Appliances eligible are those in the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed and further conditions apply.

Did you know…

  1. the Building Permit Fee is waived in Smithers, value $35
  2. building inspections in municipalities are no longer necessary if the appliance is Wood Energy Tech. Training, WETT inspected
  3. the Bulkley Valley Credit Untion, BVCU still has zero interest loans for purchasing EPA certified appliances
  4. there are no landfill or recycling depot fees at any location
  5. the BVLDAMS is a non profit society, responsible for implementing the Clean Air Plan of 2012 signed by Bulkley Valley and Lakes District stakeholders in clean air. Membership is free!
  6. you need licence to cut wood (FREE) on Crown land

Other appliances that can be changed out include barrel stoves, homemade heaters and tube exchangers.

The Wood Shed Fund
To apply for this funding contact us at coordinator@cleanairplan.ca

$250 per residence
a picture of the current woodpile or wood shed, before you do anything
allow us to come, help, take pictures and use the photos on social media
provide us with an invoice for firewood, materials, time or equipment

Refer Your Neighbour
Does your neighbour need help with their home heating?
Could your auntie use a new woodshed?
Does someone you know badly need seasoned wood?
Refer to us for anything regarding air quality management.

Download the 1 page you need to complete and submit before you get your rebate…

We also have resources available for those who really need help sourcing, buying and installing a heating option this winter. Contact us to learn more.

Oh and another thing:

We have a number of volunteers building, buying, repairing, hosting and monitoring a purple monitor network in our airshed. Check out your nearest readings at https://www.purpleair.com/map#11.62/54.7911/-127.1638. Set the search for raw PM2.5, this is the particle size causing the most concern.

Yeah for clean air volunteers!


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