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Here’s a new page where a local fella is posting smog slogs.  He’ll add a few more details to this page so people know what an Air Beam is (a low-cost, palm-sized air quality instrument) and a smog slog, for that matter. Click the image to see the maps produced by the Air Beam trips around town.

Houston has just approved locations for Purple Air Sensors in their community. We used the Air Beam to do a trip of the sites and get a read on the lay of the air.

It was mid afternoon and so perfect venting conditions, the particulate levels were low. Obvious dust existed on the highway and it rolled some distance off the road into neighbouring businesses and homes. These are mainly areas of elevated PM10.

The Ambassador Mobile Home Park also had elevated levels as there were people home, heating with wood.


Very little air pollution is expected at the time of day we were there. If we can get a local volunteer we could do the trip again at 7am and 8pm and really zero in on where to put those purple air monitors. Contact us if you want to do the loop, take the readings and submit them to us!

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