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Looking for Purple Air Sensor Hosts


We recently activated a purple air sensor in Burns Lake. We want to thank our hosts! How exciting! Its the first purple in Burns Lake but please be patient while we iron out the kinks!

Our purple air sensor network has numerous partners. Recently the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, the BV Community Foundation and the First Nations Health Authority have provided support for development of the network in the East and South. Thanks to their support and that of our volunteers we have sensors to deliver to the following areas:

Please contact us if you want to host a sensor! or

Hosting costs nothing but we do need power and a wifi connection that is always on. We essentially retain ownership of the sensor but billet it out to your location. Sensors stay in one location until we need to replace parts, you ask us to remove it or we need to redeploy it. Sensors are located outdoors and are best suited under a roof line, with good air flow and a direct path to wifi.

A special thank-you to Dennis at Enclave Managed Networks who continues to volunteer on this and other BVLD AMS Projects. Chat with Enclave Support, 9AM – 4PM Weekdays Pacific Standard Time.

Here is a link to the network and a guide on how to understand a purple air sensor.


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