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We have cash rebates, volunteers, air sensors, other resources and know how. Our services are listed here.

We have cash rebates…

Money from $250 – $1500.00

  • If you are planning or in the middle of building a woodshed.
  • If you are referred to us for the help with the cost of updating your home.

We can help with…

  • measuring air quality
    • sourcing air quality sensors
    • purchasing air quality sensors
  • understanding air quality levels
  • understanding the effect of living with poor levels
  • understanding micro emissions, sources and contributions to particulate
  • choosing a new heating appliance recycling a unit and getting money back
  • building a woodshed
  • providing tips on wood seasoning and storage
  • Plus we can arrange you get professional advice on:
    • assessing your building envelope for air circulation
    • choosing efficient heating options
    • navigating the sourcing and cost
    • installation, repair maintenance
  • building a cheap home air filter
  • teaching/guiding G6-8 chemistry units on particulate and the basic building blocks, atoms and moelcules
  • teaching/guiding G6 + science investigation or inquiries in ecology, climate change, field obvserations, PROJECT WET and more
  • air quality management including smoke management

We have air quality sensors and networks…

  • Let us help you understand what the sensors say.
  • We can set you up with a sensor.
  • Arranging this can be free, partially funded or by donation.

We have on line and other resources…

  • a document library
  • pollution maps
  • hard copies of various info reports and assessments and estimations
  • a micro emission inventory MEI plus a plain language version (just ask)
  • FREE, or for a small fee
    • firewood moisture meters
    • stove top thermometers
    • box fans
    • MERVE 11 filters that fit the box fans


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