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Kristina, Wetzin’kwa and me



My first blog! Today was a fair day and I took the high road into town first stopping in on Kristina Nugent. Then I drove thru a layer of cloud, descending into the Town of Smithers with a quick stop to photo plumes coming from the new Pinnacle Pellet plant. Now under the cloud I was on my way to the AGM of the Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation and then to my little wee office for some blogging.



stove: Vermont Castings

tech: thermostatically controlled combustion

burn: cigar burner, 16 inch log

area: 800 square feet

tip: indoor and outdoor/indoor venting is important. Lot of thought went into draughts and airflow. For 2 reasons, to improve heat in the loft and the burn rate in the stove.

Loves It!

Kristina is a high roader who has a Vermont Castings stove, real small and slick. I got some great pics of her, it and the way cool woodshed. ON video, she yaks about the Yukon, snakes, operating her stove, managing drafts in the house, using the stove top thermometer and so on. She has a double wall chimney and insulatated potion thru the first floor thru to the topside of the roof. Stay tuned for the airing of the interview. Here’s a quick blip.

My Drive

Gotta drop in elevation slightly to the Town of Smithers from Old Babine Lake Rd. and so here is a recent development likely a permanent part of our landscape. 3 of 4 chimney dryer stacks going at Pinnacle Pellet (not yet operational). One resident has charted a particulate 2.5 increase using a 1 hour average (Sept. – Nov., 2000 hours total) over previous years 2.5 emissions averages of the same period. More to come check out this site:


The name means blue, green waters and their sitetells you more about them. Essentially they are a “forest resource business” but also a valuable community resource. Their decisions about profits from timber sales support stakeholders and the community at large with paying contracts, siviculture, profit sharing, long term resource management, improved forest utilization and more. This board is conscious of air quality, smoke management planning and best practices and supports non timber related forest based business. Check it out!

Our most pleasing experience this summer was to hear they dropped firewood on the Town of Smithers and Witset. The Town of Smithers used this at their municipal campground and this ‘good wood’ was a change from the usual fare. Better air quality was observed by many locals! Better views were observed by tourists!

We are also pleased to be a recipient of a 2018/2019 grant for community outreach. This blog is partially thanks to them!

That’s it for now!

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