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Violet says after a thorough cleaning of her pellet stove and pipe, she’s feeling “much better” and says her dealer says her stove should be good for another 25 years! She said last year it was puffing some out the pipe that went out the back of the stove and through the wall. This pipe was in the house and she had severe respiratory distress all winter basically. This part of the pipe was disassembled and cleaned and caulked up and rebuilt. She says now when the stove comes on, a small puff of blue smoke exits the pipe, outside, then the stove heats up quick and clean!

Thermostatically controlled
No visible smoke!


stove: 1992 Quadra Fire

tech: thermostatically controlled pellet

burn: 3 tonnes of pellets annually

area: approx. 2200 square feet


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