2020 Calendar

we want your sexy stove pic’s. When at my girlfriends I realized we should print a calendar… please comment!

This stove is WETT certified but not EPA compliant since its a cook stove. It has an inbuilt thermometer and keeps temp at roughly 300. They have a new chimney thermometer and they’ll report back to me soon. The couple here loves their stove but they don’t notice the emissions. They live in a subdivision but not a large one. They are often smoked out by neighbours’ wood stoves or outdoor burning. Their geography does not bode well for good venting conditions.

The stove is on!
Cast iron collector.

anonymous woodburners

stove: 2010 ‘antique’ Amish cook stove

tech: plain old wood burner, the intensity of the heat is controlled by how much air goes into your firebox though the grates. Air also goes into your fire chamber when the ash pan is pulled out.

burn: 11 inch top load or pull out tray

area: 3 stories, 2nd stove downstairs, this heats 2 top flours which is roughly 1800 square feet

The TV!

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