Time to clean your chimney!


Potatoe peels? Balsam?

That’s right with variable temperatures and constant use it’s time to check your chimney. At ours we have to take a part the single walled chimney from inside the house. We carry the pieces outside where we use brushes to clean them. For the thimble thru the rough we tape garbage bags together to form a tube with a closed bottom hong that on the bottom of the thimble, slide in the brush and rub out the top of the chimney, catching the corset in the bag. That’s the idea anyway – inevitably we also use the vacuume.

This graphic has some good tools listed – we also use

  • a wire brush
  • screwdriver
  • garbage bags, tarps, and boxes to capture creosote
  • the final thing we use is this cleaner and I’m sure it does work but some people report really these chemical cleaners don’t work – there are too many other variables in a burn. Checkout this link to find out more!

To clean the glass we use newsprint and ash, and give the window a gentle scrub!

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