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Town of Smithers offers Wood Burning Appliance Rebates


If you recycle and update your non current EPA wood burning appliances you may qualify for CASHBACK.


If you live in the Town of Smithers there are 2 additional rebate amounts.

That means you get the rebate you qualify for based on your choices from our society PLUS you get an additional amount based on whether your appliances is listed as your secondary heating appliance or primary.

Since there are a range of rebate amounts available your cash back could be as low as $750 or as high as $3000.00.

Some Conditions apply:

  • Old appliances must be non current EPA certified.
  • Old units must be recycled and/or decommissioned.
  • Proof must be provided for the recycling and installation.
  • Rebate values depend on appliance types chosen and recycled.
  • Refund program lasts while funding permits.
  • Installations use WETT principles and follow Provincial or Municipal building and other regulations.
  • The Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Form is complete and pics are provided.
  • Secondary heating appliances are defined as those appliances that are most used in the house.
  • Primary heating appliances are defined as those listed as the Priamry source of heat by the Insurance Company.
  • Only 1 rebate per household.

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