stove: Jotel F45 Greenville

tech: baffle and combustion

burn: 18″ log

area: 750 square feet

Ok here are the before and after shots of the stove swap. Sadly I did not partake of the wood stove exchange rebate. I still want to hold onto the Fisher baby bear. I like the full shut off, flat top and size. The debate continues at ours – only now are we getting to the ideal operating temps of these stoves. We’re not sure how much cleaner this is burning than our old but it burns brighter and hotter and holds temp on the button.

Tip: Don’t get an oversized stove for your space! It’ll eat more wood and require more management!

the old but reliable, we miss the ability to completely shutting down the air
the new arrives
nice burn, see particulate lite up in the secondary burn
looks good love of heat off that glass not much from sides and even less from chimney – that’s good
tools of the trade
don’t burn green wood! look for dark, deeply checked, dry and seasoned wood

Our new stoves requires a hot fire with smaller pieces, which means for frequent loads and more splitting. The burn should last 8 hours but no way. The cast iron keeps the heat longer than our old stove but we can’t set the air lower than the manufacturer lets us and therefore we cann’t burn slower. The stove is much faster to get to temp though and keeps an even 200 degrees.

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