Our most recent achievement is the build out of our purple air sensor network. For live readings click here.

Now called the Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program – we offer rebates to upgrade wood burning appliances.

Our latest micro emission inventory is for the base years 2015 -2016. Click here for the plain language version.

We have tips and resources for building cheap home air filters, woodsheds and more.

We continue to fundraise for these projects and more contact us at

The BVLD Airshed Management Society

The Bulkley Valley Lakes District (BVLD) airshed management plan is a community action plan for clean air. Airshed management planning is a holistic, collaborative community process to address the cumulative impact of human activities on air quality. Airshed planning is ongoing. There is always a need for airshed monitoring and evaluation and research. Air pollution sources can change according to changes in human activities. New technologies and new ideas can offer opportunities for air quality improvements. And it takes time to realize air quality improvement and to recognize air quality trends and needs.

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