Mission and Goals

The BVLD Airshed Management Society’s mission is to facilitate clean air solutions in the Bulkley Valley – Lakes District for the Protection and Improvement of the Health of BVLD Residents. By Continuously Improving Air Quality and primarily targeting a pollutant known as particulate matter, (PM), The BVLD Airshed Management Plan presents a set of goals, indicators and strategies that together provide a roadmap to achieving better air quality.

Our current goals:

• Maintain and improve our understanding of air quality science in the BVLD
• Meet ambient air quality targets at Ministry of Environment monitoring stations in the airshed
• Improve stakeholder awareness of and participation in airshed management activities
• Reduce emissions in all sectors
• Strengthen the linkage between air quality and human health by identifying specific goals, indicators and strategies as appropriate

Current Initiatives:

  • Maintain ambient monitoring for PM and meteorology
  • Promote the wood stove exchange program
  • Update micro emission inventory (MEI)
  • Consider future impact assessment studies
  • Encourage academia to conduct relevant and local research
  • Contact the coordinator
  • Maintain an updated website
  • Maintain Board representation for the following stakeholder groups: provincial government, industry, local government, heath and the general public (NGOs, etc.)
  • Develop and deliver community presentations
  • Develop and implement an annual reporting procedure to track the Clean Air Plan implementation

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Our Funding drop down will also let you in on what we plan to do to mitigate air pollution effects.

Quick BC Case Study

A case study of a timber harvest in the Quick Core Eco-System presents a trial of the BVLD Airshed Management Plan.

Despite Quick community members’ attempt at thorough smoke management planning beginning nearly a year before the event there was still a burn and immediate health effects felt by those nearby. The AMS is still gathering photos but to see a draft of the full story please visit our website:


Thank-you to Dina Hanson for the following pictures…