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Science Fair Entry Moss Filters


How do filters affect air quality?

Can we measure reductions of Particulate Matter (PM) using natural materials as filters?

The Hypothesis: “I believe that the moss will absorb the most PM when compared to a wool, silk and industrial filter. To do this experiment I used particulate sensors and directed air over them and through a filter. This meant building filters and designing and building a testing unit.
In order to bring up the levels of PM as the air entered the tube, I lit incense. Data shows what we expect to see: the greatest average difference (or reduction) between the top and bottom sensors was with the moss filter.”

If you are interested in the full report or want to contact the youth:

This Grade 8 Candidate has been invited to attend the National 2023 Science Fair competition.

Thank-you to the North West Regional Science Fair Team of Organizers, Donors, Participants, Parents and Visitors. Those kids got a lot of attention, mentorship, inspiration and reward for their work and interest.

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