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Spoke to a rebate recipient yesterday in the cold in downtown Smithers. This guys has just recvd $400 cash back for going over to a pellet stove in Telkwa! Stewart told me all about how important it is to get the right BTU’s out of your pellets and choosing the right pellets for your stove.

Plus he’s stoked about his new stove: The Wiseway (Model GW1949) from US Stove. It’s off grid! By utilizing a natural gravity feed system that eliminates all mechanical parts meaning less maintenance and break downs. This patented revolutionary design is the only EPA certified and UL Listed non-electric pellet stove on the market. Here’s a facebook link: Also this stove has a secondary burn chamber and so you get more bang for your buck!

Also he’s been sourcing pellets by the tonne and found that the drive to Vanderhoof is worth it. He found for $259 he could get a tonne of fir pellets. He’s using these now and do they ever burn clean, worth the try even though they did come from the US! – Barely any dust in the bag when you empty it and the ash is minimal after the burn. He’s also trucked home a tonne of Premium and Platinum Pellets both made in Vanderhoof. Click the links. He’s saving the premium for the real cold! I have more on prices from him so I’ll add to this blog after xmas or contact me:

Quality Guaranteed:
Check out some reviews:

Pellets by the tonne:
Smithers Feed
Starlight Transport – Smithers
Ace Building Centre Vanderhoof
Pinnacle Pellet, avilable nearly everywhere locally:
Platinim Pellet manufacturer, Vanderhoof:

Installation: Stewart took out a Lakewood and so his chimney set up is over the top for the pellet. It has to be geared up to fit the exit pipe and with the chimney through the roof he can provide tips on how that’s impacted the draught and could be adjusted for your stove. Contact us for more info.

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