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Home Air Filters


Home Air Filters can be expensive! Did you know: you can make your own!!! Since so many of us are suffering from poor air quality and indoor air pollution from neibouring emissions, it’s worthing looking into.

My friends live in Smithers and they have always run a humidifier. They heat a small home with natural gas but found they liked the moisture from the humidifier. After prolonged coughs and several bouts of sickness they took a hard look at their little humidifier to se what kinda maintenance and repair it might need. They found the cost of the replacement filter was huge and they couldn’t remove an integral part – a bit that was an intake tube and totally clogged up. They spoke with a BVLD AMS society member and found out they could cheaply and quickly do this…

Now they are filtering air thru a MERV 8 particle filter. This filter removes particles from 3 – 10 microns in size. Just the kind of nasty particles coming from industrial and wood smoke and lodging in our lungs. Learn more on the ratings of MERV filters. While many home run filters during wild fire season, people need to know they can run these filters cheaply and efficiently all year. HEPA filters are the more common over the counter filters in home filtration systems. Check out these HEPA consumer reports and give me feedback people!

Don’t like the noise? Run the filter in your kids room while he’s out, keep the door closed. Turn it off at night at least you have one room in the house with filtered air. Or just use the filter in the room you are most in. There are ways to minimize noise, keep it efficient and breathe easier.

For a notification of the next build your own filter workshop in Houston: contact us. coordinator@cleanairplan.ca.

For more on particle size and how it affects health: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Size-and-Dynamic-of-particles-in-the-lung-and-other-tissues-Large-particles-can-be_fig2_291335773

or look us up: bvldams and the health impacts of dirty air or talk to your family doctor about the signs and symptoms of poor air quality

More to come…

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