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On the home front


Refer to our article dated Feb 8, 2020. These folks are quite concerned about their air quality and live near the Ministry of the Environment air monitor. So they know what the readings on particulate are outside their home. What they wondered was what the air quality was like inside. They have installed the Smithers Library’s purple air monitor (indoors) and been reviewing it’s readings. By looking closer at the monitors air quality readings they noticed a couple trends.

Lisa Haney

Firstly the spike in poor air quality was a direct result of cooking. Readings sky rocketed shortly after cooking began and lasted for up to hours! Wow big news – they didn’t realize cooking would cause such an impact on their indoor air.
What to do?
They are changing the low cost box fan filter regularly and using MERV 13 filters to clean up the indoor air. They can see the difference in readings when the filter is running. If YOU want to know more about this we can help. Contact us at coordinator@cleanairplan.ca.

They already have a range hood but now they need to take a closer look. Perhaps some maintenance and repair is in order. They are cleaning it and making sure it’s operating efficiently. Maybe they’re even shopping for a new one – I don’t know – let’s ask!

Stay tuned!

Oh and here’s a wonderful link to local pollution maps as well as a report on air quality: compliments of Dave Stevens PM North2020.

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