Completing the Paperwork


Don’t let the rebate forms scare you off from making an application for the money. Please call or contact me and I will walk you through it. Here is the link rebate voucher.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • if you have a dealer’s invoice you do not need their signature on the form, just fill in the dates and name
  • if you’ve already had the WETT installer take a look then just tell me his name and number and I can contact them to verify the installation meets code or uses the best practice.
  • not all installations require a WETT installer, some of you will do it yourself or have the help of a knowledgable friend, if this is the case put that name here
  • when you recycle your unit you do not have to have the voucher complete
  • the recycler fills out only the bottom section of the form and does not qualify or approve the application for funding
  • the Town of Smithers requires a building permit for wood stove exchanges or upgrades but they waive the fee, having a permit is not required for the rebate but strongly encouraged
  • the Town of Smithers works yard does us a great service by receiving wood burning appliances for recycling from any person in the valley, during regular business hours
  • contact us to clarify anything further

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